Crim, by the light of the moon


I’ll be posting word counts and pages a day behind, so that I’m always a step ahead of you! (-insert wicked queen laugh here-). If you want to read along with the bouncing NaNo ball, email me for the password. Here’s the synopsis (sort of spoiler alert? here) in case you want to see what it’s all about before you dive in:


Somewhere between Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After, there is the Never After—a dark, wooded world, the likes of which no child should ever see.

Rowen is daydreaming of kissing a girl in her class when she gets lost on her way to grandmother’s house. Mesmerized by the stag man who guards the river-door to the Never After, she loses not just her head but her very heart to his voracious appetites, but is saved by Gretry, a beast of a man who builds her a clockwork heart to replace her human one.

Raised as Gretry’s own and unaware of where she’s come from, Rowen rediscovers the truth on her sixteenth birthday. Unable to return home, but in danger if she stays, Rowen is given a rare invite to try out for the Petit Chaperon–the elite group of wolf-riding, moon-magic wielding women who protect real-world children from the likes of the stag men, the candy witches and, most of all, from the Fair Queen herself. Rowen readies herself for the challenge, but the path before her is dark and wild. In order for the Chaperons to accept her, she must prove not only her ability to kill, but also her ability to love, for the wolf she rides to battle is far more than a four-legged creature of war; under the moon’s eye, her mount shapeshifts to the woman destined to be her lover.

All the while, there are dark stirrings in the woods, signs that someone—or something—is crossing the river-door, hoping to destroy the Never After and those who walk its moonpaths. In working with Gretry, the riders, and the wolf-woman she’s come to love to save the Never Ever, Rowen finds acceptance in the Chaperons, into her lover’s arms, and into the very world itself.

“Crim” is an 80,000-word mythpunk dark fantasy novel that explores coming-of-age, sexuality, love and acceptance, all wrapped up with a bow made of fairy tale tropes, gears and gadgets, and the love of language.