Thanks so much to everyone who responded to the #fuckblackfriday book giveaway. Here are the results (I hope I didn’t miss anyone, but if I did, just let me know). There are some leftover, so maybe I’ll do this again just before Christmas.

To receive your book, please send an email to me (shanna DOT germain AT gmail DOT com) with the following goodies:

  1. Your snail mail addy
  2. How you’d like the book signed (I can do something of my own, or sign it to you or someone else any way you’d like).
  3. If you’re in the U.S. and want it shipped, throw five bucks into my paypal account (same addy as above). If you’re local, I’ll hold it for you. If you’re across the ocean, we’ll have to figure out how much it will cost to ship and if it’s worth it for you 🙂

Okay, here’s the list!

  • Ben: Triangulations
  • Jaym: Hurts to Good
  • Gregory: Do Not Disturb
  • Dakster: Red Hot Erotica
  • Tempus: Frenzy
  • Tisfan: Best Gay Bondage
  • thevieuxcarre: K is for Kinky
  • ClarionTX: Lipstick on her Collar
  • Jak: Yes Sir
  • Mamaelk: Surrender
  • Jessica: Love at First Sting
  • Katherine: He’s on Top
  • Tom: Juicy Erotica
  • Crystal: Rubber
  • BookGnome: Caught Looking
  • David: Luscious
  • Vanessa, Scott and Blake: I’ve got something set aside for you. Will bring next time I see you.
  • Astruc: You only chose one book, and others had already spoken for it. If there’s another book that hasn’t been taken, you’re welcome to it. Just let me know.
  • Christopher: Bummer. I got your comment just after I’d posted this. Want one of the ones that’s left? Let me know!

As soon as I have your email and postage, I shall send your pretty little book on its way to you! Thanks for playing along — I’m so glad these books are going to good homes.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.