So, I thought you might think this was cool. Especially for those of you who are interested in how writers write and what the actual process is like. Here is the piece I posted last night as a rough draft. Today, I went through and did a rework on it — I did it in track changes so that you can see the differences (I hope they show up; I’ve never done this before!).

This will get changed again, of course, probably a million times, but it gives you a pretty good glimpse into my brain process.

Things I was aiming for:

  • Give more atmosphere, play up her dislike of crowded places
  • Create more tension between her and Granger through dialogue, interactions
  • I rearranged a lot of elements to make the scene flow more smoothly
  • The ending of the chapter is completely different, as it needed to be in order to move the story forward and to give more background as to who/what she is.
  • Next pass will probably include small hints of more world building. The ending will get smoothed out.


Let me know if you enjoy this kind of process-watching. I’m happy to keep posting it as a write/edit/move forward.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.