Here Be Dragons

The man in the kitchen soaks beans. Onions weep
and beat against the copper cookware. Meanwhile
tomorrow sneaks in and steals the bread. Again.
I’ve been loafless for days. The knives are dirty

enough to lick but I’ve got six deadlines on my tongue
already. My hair understands the peck of birds at paper.
I slice the tops from your fingers and lay them end-to-end
like a prologue. This is the scariest I’ve ever been.

My pockets are filled with lyme and letters.
Mostly I like vowels, but M is the sound of water boiling over.
From this tiny window, Casseopia’s chair scrapes
the humbled floorboards. I decide to chase down the thief

of heels. I’ll leave a path of rye. Ice cubes, those quiet beasts,
take the shape of the moon and begin to fall


This Body of Work is the ongoing project that I’m doing this year. Every day, a new image of my body plus words that are inspired by it, rejected by it, subverted by it, or otherwise altered by it. The goal is to spend very little time putting it together — a quick image, a short (less than 15 minutes) writing sprint. I’ve done a lot of year-long projects, but never anything so specific to writing and the body, do I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out: Will I run out of body parts? Will I be able to write something every day? Will I get bored? Or will my creativity kick in and run wild since I’m dipping into it on a daily basis? Only time will tell.

So far the images have been all self-portraits, but I’m open to the possibility of collaboration, so if you’re interested in photographing, drawing, or otherwise depicting me for a section of the project, please get in touch. Additionally, if you’re doing a project like this for 2012 (by which I mean something that you’ve committed to depicting/blogging/etc. for the year, whether that’s daily, monthly or sporadically), please let me know — I’d love to link to you from the Body of Work blog.

Either way, I hope you’ll come along with my and my body of work. I don’t promise a perfect ride, a perfect body or perfect words, but I promise an interesting journey.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.