Now that I have actual copies of this book in my hand, I can’t believe how much I love this cover — and all of the stories inside it. I am so lucky to be able to work with such talented and sexy authors. Being the editor of a publication can be difficult in many ways, but in this case the only hard part was deciding which order to put all of the fantastic stories in.

The collection is getting really amazing reviews, and that makes me happier than I can say.

Overall, Bound by Lust is a stellar anthology, well-written and provocative, offering the reader an expansive collection of stories that explore many facets of our sexuality and our sexual relationships, as related to bondage, kink, dominance, submission, love, and desire. These stories are smart and sexy, and the collection as a whole will find you stimulated and spell-bound, body and mind, bound by lust.

I hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy of Bound by Lust for your very own (it’s available as a print book, as well as in ebook version for Kindle and Nook) and supporting all of the amazing authors who made this book possible. If you liked it (or even if you didn’t), please consider leaving a short review on the Amazon page or your own blog, or even tweeting/facebooking/g+ing or otherwise talking about it.

You can also come along for the sexy and sensual ride that is our in-person and blog tour. We’ll be having behind-the-scenes interviews, video readings, hot images, great giveaways and much more!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

Bound By Lust Blog & Reading Tour

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June 13 Rachel Kramer Bussel / Sharazade
June 13 LIVE READING at Good Vibrations, San Francisco, CA!
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June 15 Lisabet / Shanna Germain
June 18 Andrea Dale / Clarice Clique
June 19 Erotica for All / Kristina Wright
June 20 Alison Tyler/ Alison Tyler
June 21 Nikki Magennis / Allison Wonderland
June 22 Kristina Wright / Kristina Lloyd
June 25 Clarice Clique / Justine Elyot
June 26 Vida Bailey / Veronica Wilde
June 27 Veronica Wilde / Teresa Noelle Roberts
June 28 TBD  / Alana Noel Voth
June 29 Kristina Lloyd / Nikki Magennis
July 2 Jeremy Edwards / Vida Bailey
July 3 Teresa Noelle Roberts / Janine Ashbless
July 4 Dorla Moorehouse / Review
July 5 Justine Elyot / Donna George Storey
July 6 Shanna Germain / Closing
August 9 LIVE READING at She Bop in Portland!
September 9 LIVE READING at Powell’s in Portland!