Today I’m delighted to have Charlotte Stein on the blog, talking about The Secret Library, which includes her novella, Restraint. If you haven’t read Charlotte’s work, I highly recommend hightailing yourself off to peruse some — she’s talented writer who creates sexy men and women that readers just can’t get enough of.

And I’ll stop blathering now and let her talk!


Thanks for having me, Shanna! It’s lovely to be here at your fab gaff.

Anyhoo…The Secret Library. And specifically, my novella Restraint – which is in the anthology Hungarian Rhapsody. Well basically, it’s the tale of Mallory and Artie. Mallory is sexually uninhibited. Artie is not. Mallory is fun. Artie is uptight.

And during the course of the story, Mallory gets to unravel Artie like whoa.

It has some really, really naughty bits. Some romance. Some passion…and if you’re still not convinced, here’s some more info about it:


Mallory is certain that one of her friends – handsome but awkward Artie – hates her guts. The last thing she wants to do is go on a luscious weekend away with him and a few other buddies, to a cabin in the woods. But when she catches Artie doing something very dirty after a night spent listening to her relate some of her sexcapades to everyone, she can’t resist pushing his buttons a little harder. He might seem like a prude, but Mallory suspects he likes a little dirty talk. And Mallory has no problems inciting his long dormant desires…

My website:


The Secret Library is a new range from Xcite Books which will appeal to the female romance reader market. Each book contains three specially commissioned novellas guaranteeing a satisfying and varied selection.

The story content is relationship led with a strong alpha male hero, a level of conflict and a climactic, explicit ending.

The covers are deliberately designed without visual imagery to be discreet. These books could be comfortably read in public, given as gifts and left on a bedside table.

The Secret Library contains six books with three erotic romance novellas in each:

Traded Innocence – Toni Sands, Elizabeth Coldwell and K D Grace

Silk Stockings – Constance Munday, Jenna Bright and Lucy Felthouse

One Long Hot Summer – Elizabeth Coldwell, Penelope Friday and Shanna Germain

The Thousand and One Nights – Kitti Bernetti, Primula Bond and Sommer Marsden

The Game – Jeff Cott, Antonia Adams and Sommer Marsden

Hungarian Rhapsody – Justine Elyot, Charlotte Stein and Kay Jaybee