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Did you know that we’re doing this awesome, geeky, delicious thing? Geek Love: An Anthology of Full-Frontal Nerdity, brought to you by the brilliant minds of Janine Ashbless, Jaym Gates, Lee Moyer, Galen Dara and Adam Israel. We’re planning a Kickstarter, an open call for submissions, and more geeky erotica than you can shake your stick at.

Right now, we’re building our Kickstarter, and we could use your ideas. What would you like to see as rewards? We’ll be offering both PDF and print copies of the full-color book, as well as signed prints, of course. But what else? Geeky sexy paper dolls, editing services, cool geeky laptop skins, steampunk vibrators, something handmade from Etsy? You tell us! (Also, are you an artistic creature who makes some kind of great geeky and sexy thing — music, art, technology, toy, shirt, underwear, jewelry, sex robots!, etc. — who’d like to get involved on the Kickstarter? Please contact us at geekloveanthology@gmail.com )

You can also follow us at our various online personas to see what we’re up to and how the collection is coming along:

Happy geeking!