Today marks the final day of the Bound by Lust book tour. A million thank yous to everyone who hosted blogs, wrote blogs, read blogs and who bought or read or liked the book.

To celebrate the end of our virtual tour, I’m giving away two copies of Bound by Lust, signed by me and shipped to yourself or a lusted/loved one. How to enter? It’s easy:

1. Do something nice for one of your favorite authors. Any author, not just the ones in Bound by Lust, not just an erotica author. Write a fan letter on paper and send it in the mail, drop them an email, give their book a good review on Amazon or Goodreads, tell your social media how much you love this particular author and why. The goal here is to remind authors that we love them, that we read their work, that they’re not toiling in vain. (Clearly, this works best if your author of choice is alive, so that he or she can be buoyed by your nice deed). However, it doesn’t have to be a published author; if your favorite author is budding or unpublished, that’s great too.

2. Leave a comment below and tell me a little about the awesome thing you did.

You have one week! I’ll draw two names on Friday the 13th. Let me know if you have questions. Go show some love to your favorite writers!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.