Today, I’m delighted to host Simpon Lipson, to talk about his book, “Song in the Wrong Key,” and tell us why he doesn’t write erotica. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for inviting me to write a guest post as part of my blog tour.

Ahhh, erotica! I’ve probably been too busy writing to notice just how many bloggers are interested in this genre. It was only when someone suggested I run a blog tour that it all became clear. There are hundreds of you! Mostly, it seems, perfectly normal, educated and married with children. When I started receiving invitations from erotica, fantasy and romance bloggers to post guest blogs, respond to interview questions and offer excerpts of my book, I began to wonder whether my blog ‘tour operator’ had mis-sold my book.

Song In The Wrong Key is determinedly un-erotic. My aim was to write a book about real people in real-life situations, with the emphasis firmly on comedy (with maybe the odd tear or two). Now, of course, real people, especially (but not always) those in a relationship, have sex. Why not? It’s nice, isn’t it? But I didn’t want to get into the details of the sex act itself, either graphic or romantic. I focused more on their mood; were the participants happy, angry, doing it simply for release etc. Yes, I mention the odd nipple and tumescent male member, but mostly in pursuit of a laugh. Does that qualify as erotica? I don’t think so.

The story revolves around Mike Kenton whose life implodes when he loses his job. Suddenly, his previously sound – if unspectacular – marriage is under strain, and he risks losing everything he holds dear if he can’t find respectable employment elsewhere. In the meantime, he is ‘discovered’ singing in a dingy Crouch End bistro and given a once in a lifetime opportunity to have his music heard by a massive audience at the Eurovision Song Contest. Arguably, this is as much of a fantasy as anything you might encounter in more dedicated fantasy books, albeit I tend to think that , in this X Factor age, anything is possible.

Meanwhile, as Mike’s marriage crumbles, he rediscovers an old flame on Facebook and some old feelings are stirred up. Romance? Certainly, but again of the prosaic it-could-happen-to-anyone variety rather than knights on white chargers sweeping girls off to caves-cum-castles in the mountains.

In truth, I’m not comfortable writing about erotic encounters. For a start, I’ve got two teenage daughters who I knew would get round to reading the book at some point. Embarrassing. And what if I described some sexual act or position unfamiliar to my wife? She’d wonder where the hell I learned it.

Maybe my erotica/romance blog hosts can see something in Song In The Wrong Key that I can’t. Maybe, amid all my obfuscating and fudging and joking about sex, they perceive some erotic undertones that say something about the author! Either way, I hope those of you who decide to read it aren’t disappointed by the lack of graphic action. It should make you laugh and maybe even shed a tear. I’d love to hear what you think.


Song In The Wrong Key Blurb

Michael Kenton is a middle-aged man living in middle-class comfort with wife Lisa and daughters Millie and Katia. Drifting complacently towards retirement, Mike’s world is turned upside-down when he is thrown unexpectedly onto the career scrapheap.

While Lisa’s career sky-rockets, Mike slobs around in his track suit playing guitar, rekindling his teenage love affair with pop music. Knowing Lisa wouldn’t approve, he plots a secret ‘comeback’ at a grimy Crouch End bistro where music executive Ben, desperate and out of time, asks if he can enter one of Mike’s songs into the Eurovision Song Contest. With nothing to lose, Mike focuses on Eurovision but quickly finds himself staring down the barrel of low level fame. His crumbling marriage now page five news, he must choose between his musical dream and mending his broken family, a task complicated by the re-appearance of ex-love of his life Faye.

A laugh-out-loud comedy about love, family, friendship and Euro- tack by acclaimed stand-up and comedy writer Simon Lipson.

Simon Lipson was born in London and took a law degree at the LSE. After a spell as a lawyer, he co-founded legal recruitment company Lipson Lloyd-Jones in 1987. In 1993, Simon took his first tentative steps onto the comedy circuit and has since become an in-demand stand-up and impressionist across the UK, as well as a regular TV and radio performer/writer. His broadcasting credits include Week Ending, Dead Ringers, Loose Ends and Fordham & Lipson (co-wrote and performed own 4 part sketch series) on Radio 4; Interesting…Very Interesting and Simon Lipson’s Xmas Box on Radio 5 and And This Is Them on Radio 2. He is also an experienced voice artiste who has voiced hundreds of advertisements as well as cartoons and documentaries. His first novel, Losing It, a thriller, was published by Matador in 2008. Simon is a columnist for Gridlock Magazine ( next novel, Standing Up, will be published by Lane & Hart in Autumn 2012.;

Twitter: @SimonLipson

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