I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but I’m working on a super-secret novel for a super-secret publisher that is due fairly soon. Okay, it truth it’s not that super-secret. I can tell you that it’s an erotic novel full of books (yes, real books!), delicious geeks, tattoos, stockings, exhibitionisms, BDSM, leather, lace and, of course, sex, sex and more sex. I can even tell you that it’s called Leather Bound and that it’s scheduled to be released in 2013.  

(The rest of the details won’t be super-secret forever, though, so if you’re following my blog, you’ll be among the first to know the details as soon as I can crow about them!).

I thought that those of you who are interested in novel writing might be interested in following the process, as I put this bad boy together.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

–In June, I sent a query off to an editor that I know and love (I had worked with this editor previously on different projects, so I knew that he was the one I wanted to ask first for this particular novel).
–He said the query looked great and asked for sample chapters.
–I opened Scrivener, found a bunch of hot pictures of sexy people to drool over while I wrote, and then sent three sample chapters.
–He said yes (excuse me for a moment while I squee all over again).
–I started writing the draft the very next day.

During the past two months, I wrote most of a draft. By which I mean, I sat down and spewed out a ton of crap. This, sadly, is how my writing process works. I am not a good pre-planner. I have to really get in there and start stirring stuff around to see what works. Usually what I discover is that all my original ideas were stupid and that I have to re-write the entire thing in order to make it work. (Crazy, right? It’s certainly the least productive way to write ever, but it’s the only way I’ve found that actually works for me).

So, now I am beginning the process of writing/rewriting the “real draft,” if you will. Or at least, the much more coherent version that will go to my first readers and then to my editor. I’m on a very tight deadline, so my goal is 4,000 words per day from now until the novel is finished (this doesn’t necessarily mean that I will be writing 4,000 words per day; some of the words from the first draft are actually useable, so much of it will be rewriting, which goes faster).

Each day from now until the draft is finished, I’ll be posting my word count here, along with a short excerpt (sexcerpt?), a screenshot of my Scrivener workstation, images of my characters/scenarios/etc, and some notes about the novel-writing process. If you’d like to follow along, I invite you to subscribe to this blog (over at the side). You can also look under the tag Leather Bound for all of the most recent posts.

I’m really excited about this novel. It will be my first full-length erotic novel from a major publisher, and that makes me happier (and oh my god, WAY more nervous) than I can say. Hope you’ll join me in the process as I turn this book idea into a sexy reality!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.