Today’s bit, including the [Sex Scene Here] tag. The door is the secret bookcase that’s leads to the Leather Bound office.


(Not sure what this is all about? Start here Leather Bound: The Making of an Erotic Novel. Reading along, but missed a day? Play catch-up here.)

Project: Leather Bound, an erotic novel

Deadline: September 15, 2012 (Meep!).

Words Written/Rewritten Today: 5646 (mostly rewrites)

Total Word Count:

Writing Notes: Today’s writing felt very ugly. Some days are like that, I think, when all the words come out stilted and half-formed, and the sentences just sort of plod along. When that happens, I often find that I’m over-writing bits, going too slow, telling too much of the wrong detail. Which usually means that I’m stuck with some bit of plot and am trying to figure it out by showing the character’s every action.

Not feeling terribly sexy today, either. Sometimes it’s hard to write sex stuff without being in the right frame of mind. So I skipped the sex scene I’d planned to write and finished up some other sections instead.


The theater went dark.

Not a sound. Not a rustle. No one opened a cough drop or sneezed or even moved.  I wasn’t sure people were even breathing. I couldn’t hear or see Kyle next to me. If not for the heat of his leg where it barely touched mine, I would have wondered if he was still here.

It was so quiet and dark, it felt like what I’d always thought a sensory deprivation chamber would feel like. One one hand, it made me want to cough, or snort, or laugh. Pound my feet against the floor. Pull out my iPhone, which of course I didn’t have. Kiss Kyle loudly and with lots of tongue. Make some kind of noise.

On the other hand, I wanted to settle into that silence blackness, to let it envelope me. But the lack of stimulus didn’t make me calmer. It made me hyper aware. My ears seemed to be actually turning this way and that, searching for sound. My eyes strained against the blackness. I needed something, anything to latch on to, to find my bearings. But nothing came.

I sat. I breathed, a soundless inhale and exhale. Time stopped or expanded or speeded up. Something began to shift. My eyes and ears accepted their fate, stopped searching so hard for something to grab hold of. Instead my skin became alive, sensitive to every moment of air, to every change in temperature. My pulse thrummed in my veins, fierce and so loud I was surprised I couldn’t actually hear it. The heat of my body overtook everything else.


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.