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Yeah. Just look at it for a little while.

It’s hot and geeky as fuck, isn’t it? This beautiful cover is from artist Galen Dara, who just keeps knocking our panties off with her sexy pieces (what until you see the geeky, risque paper dolls she’s making for this project).

The Kickstarter will go live some time in the next few weeks (depending on how long it takes Kickstarter to approve us). In the meantime, we’ve put our open call for submissions below — if you’re an artist or author, please consider submitting (do read the guidelines carefully, as we have some specific needs).

And, of course, we hope you’ll consider contributing to the Kickstarter in whatever amount you can afford. We’ll be offering great rewards, including PDFs of Geek Love, full-color HARDBOUND books (with all of the beautiful art — these will be collector’s items, for sure), limited-edition prints, opportunities to roll a d20 with the Geek Love crew, t-shirts, and much more.

Get your Geek Love on!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.



Geek Love: An Anthology of Full Frontal Nerdity

Do you have the hots for that uber-sexy IT chick who knows exactly how to turn your computer on? Do you find a mad scientist’s lab a sexier setting than the bridal suite at the Ritz? Do you take tours through the natural history museum just so you can watch the tour guide talk about the hardness of perfectly preserved dino bones? Know how to twiddle a game controller with the best of them? Then we want to see your stories, art and comics in Geek Love.

Geek Love will be a collection that celebrates geekdom in all its erotic, smart, hot-as-an-exploding-chem-lab ways. Think smart and sexy, girls with glasses, boys with brains, computers with all the right hardware. Give us characters who are smart but not smarmy, nerdy and wordy — whether they’re playing Doctor or petting Schrödinger’s pussy! Bring us your mad (and sane) scientists, your grammar nerds and your nerdy grandmas, your role players and cos-players, your freaks and geeks, your goggles and gears.

We have a kick-ass team putting this collection together, full of skilled editors, planning gurus, artists and promotional rockstars, including Galen Dara, Jaym Gates, Janine Ashbless, and Shanna Germain.

This will be a Kickstarter Project, and the funds will be used to pay the writers and artists, to produce a beautiful full-color ebook and HARDBOUND PRINT book, and to promote the collection. If we receive additional funds (and we absolutely believe we will), that money will be used to increase the pay to authors and artists and to give extra goodies (like t-shirts) to our backers.

Geek love… It’s the Comma Sutra. It’s Full-Frontal Nerdity at its finest. It’s the sexiest thing since Leisure Suit Larry and Lara Croft filmed that super-secret easter egg cut scene together. It’s hotter than a mad scientist’s robot girl.

What We Really Want (IMPORTANT! READ ME!)

We have accepted a number of fantastic stories and art pieces from top writers and artists in the erotic and geek industries. Here’s what we’re looking for to complete the collection:

  1. More stories and artwork with QUILTBAG characters, as well as a range of ages, races, body types, alternative sexualities, and varieties of geekery.
  2. We especially need stories with elements of steampunk, cyberpunk, science/math/computer programming, horror, sci-fi, spec fic, super heroes, tentacles, fairy tales, aliens, mad scientists, robots/technologies, glasses, spaceships, and fantastic world-building. Stretch the sexual boundaries. Think outside the geek box. Give us more hot sex and less romance.
  3. We want more hot art of men and couples/threesomes/etc. engaging in sexy, geeky activities. Also, images and photos of nerdy sexual paraphilia are fun – did you make a steampunk dildo? Send us a picture. Submit the schematics for your ideal sex ‘bot. Did you draw a fantasy map of geeky, sexual places? We want it. Red Riding Hood getting it on with Snow White? Or the mirror? Or the dwarves? Yes, please. Give us otherworldly, dark, fantastical, fearsome, hot sexual stuff!
  4. We’d love to have some funny, risqué, beautiful comics as well! Think Oglaf, Chester 5000, The Devil’s Panties, etc.
  5. Dark is great. Funny is great. Just make it geeky and sexy and original.
  6. For great suggestions of what we like, please visit our Pinterest page.

**NOTE: We do NOT need any more stories about gamers/gaming, conventions, hetero couples having vanilla sex, geeks who have sex after a night of gaming, or long-term romance that takes a long time to blossom.

“Two people meet and have sex” is NOT enough of a plotline for this collection. Give us plot arcs, world-building, character interaction, internal dilemmas, beautiful language, and cunning innovation and you’ll have use swooning all over you.**  

The Fine Print

STORIES can be of any sexual orientation, with any number of participants. Any time period or genre is acceptable, but all stories should be well written, with strong believable characters, a solid plot and steamy sex. Humor is always a plus. No characters or worlds that are owned by someone else, please—we love D&D too, but don’t want to get sued into oblivion. Stories should be 100-6000 words, submitted double-spaced in 12-point font as a .doc (or .rtf).

ART can be geeky, erotic black and white and color drawings, photos, cartoons, comics, and any other combination of art and words. Graphics should be submitted as high-res tiffs, jpgs, or gifs. The ebook and print book will be in full-color, but black and white images are also accepted.

Payment for accepted pieces will be semi-pro rates of .03/word for fiction and $150 per page of art.

We purchase first world electronic and print rights. (We will consider art reprints of all forms, but still prefer original work).

Submit stories and artwork to geekloveanthology@gmail.com by September 15, 2012.

If you think you’re going to submit, have questions, or just want to run a theme/story idea/topic by us ahead of time, feel free to email us at the above email address.

What we can’t accept: Underage characters having sex. Bestiality (of the real-animal type. Shapeshifters, furries, and Doctor Moreau’s lab experiments are all fair game). Characters or worlds that do not belong to you (i.e. no fan fiction or art of any sort).

Thank you so much! We look forward to seeing your work.

~The Geek Love Crew