I just looked at the daily calendar in my office and realized that although today is September 4th, the calendar still says it is August 8th. Which is the last time I was home. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind summer, with four conventions in three countries in less than two months. World RPG Fest, GenCon, FanExpo Canada and Dragon*Con were loads and loads of fun, but to say that I’m happy to be home is a very large understatement. (I’m not even acknowledging that fact that I need to leave for Portland in just four days… nope, not even going there…).

The good news is that I have a lot of goings-on that are going on. I don’t particularly like round-up lists of things, but between now and the time I fall into bed (on the wrong time zone still), I want to share this news AND I also want to take a shower AND watch a funny show with my love AND eat some buttery popcorn. In other words, I want to tell you about ALL THE THINGS so I can go and do ALL THE THINGS.

So please bear with my while I share my news in this handy-dandy list form:

  • Leather Bound, my sexy, dirty, nerdy novel full of books and bondage and leathery bits, must be finished this month. If all things go according to plan, it should be out in the spring of 2013.
  • Geek Love: An Anthology of Full Frontal Nerdity has hit its Kickstarter goal and is definitely a go! This beautiful, full-color book of erotica, art and comics is going to be amazing. Right now, we are reading hot stories and looking at sexy art. We’re also setting some pretty awesome stretch goals. This collection will be out at the end of 2012.
  • Numenera, Monte Cook’s newest RPG, is another project I’m super excited about. Also a Kickstarter, it hit its goal (and then some). I’ve been working on the website, and will be editing the corebook and the adventures. That will be out in July, 2013.
  • I’m reading at Powell’s this coming Sunday night (a day after the fucking-a-fantastic Lidia Yuknavitch. Go see her if you can!). Sept. 9, 7:30pm, at the Powell’s City of Books on Burnside. Hope to see you there.
  • I’ll be doing a bunch of things at the Wordstock Literary Festival in October, including teaching a writing workshop, moderating a sex panel, and doing a reading. And, hopefully, seeing all of my favorite Portland writer peeps, because I miss you all like freaking crazy.
  • I’ll be teaching two online erotica classes this fall. You can check out all the details here and sign up if you’re interested in learning how to write, edit and publish your erotic stories.
  • Multiple short stories are due here and there, including one with some delicious bend-over-boyfriend type pegging and another full of war goddess love and betrayal.
  • My non-fiction how-to book, Sexy on the Page: How to Write, Edit & Sell Your Erotic Stories, will be out in the spring of 2013.
  • I get to play little bit parts in a bunch of exciting things coming out later this year or early next year, including an interview in Vintage Tomorrows (a non-fiction steampunk book); some audio book stuff for Susie Bright and Audible; a novella full of flames and heat, and an appearance on Writing Excuses (possibly my favorite writing podcast).

I’m sure I have more. That doesn’t quite feel like all the things, but it feels like enough of the things for now. I’ll add to the list if I remember something that’s coming up.

Summer, she is done. Fall is waving at me as I fly by. And now I am going to try and fit in a popcorn shower, some buttery kisses and a handful of movie. Or maybe just some much-needed sleep in my very own bed!

Kiss kiss bang bang,

A little Dora love, for Lidia.