Behind the scenes with the talented and beautiful Jen Page as she works on her steampunk pin-up photos, one of the Geek Love stretch goals.

The Geek Love Kickstarter is just about to draw to a close (if you want this gorgeous, geeky, sexy print book, you have five hours to reserve your copy!) and I have learned so many things along the way. Not just about Kickstarter and the process of running a crowd-funding project, but about geek love and what it really, really means:

  1. Geeks are some of the coolest people on earth. Not only did they get behind this project and support it every step of the way, they let their enthusiasm show in emails, comments, tweets, and shares.
  2. Geeks loooove sex. (Okay, I kind of knew that already. But still. It’s awesome).
  3. Geeks embrace lots and lots of things. Just look at some of our story topics to get an idea of how broad the range of “geekdom” is.
  4. Watching a community of geeks form around a project they’re excited about is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen.
  5. I love working on a beautiful project with beautiful people, doing work that I’m proud of and that I know will make people happy.
  6. Kickstarters are hard. And scary. You’re putting your dreams out there for all to see, just hoping that someone else thinks it’s cool and wonderful. And when they do think it’s cool and wonderful, it’s just about the best feeling there is!
  7. Also, the people who don’t think it’s cool and wonderful kind of break my heart. But everyone else makes up for it. Big time.
  8. I love geeks. And sex. And geeky sex. And geeky, sexy writing. (But that one YOU probably already knew:).
  9. I am a lucky, lucky geek girl, to have a life as full as mine.

To all of the geeks who supported Geek Love in any way: thank you.

To the artists and writers who believed in this project from the very beginning: i am honored and delighted in your trust and support of this project, and proud to have your contributions as part of this book.

To the Geek Love crew, each of one whom has given so much of their time, passion and talent: this would never have happened without you. and nothing will ever be as beautiful as this.

To the geeky man who shares his life with me and stands proudly beside me on every single wild and crazy journey I go on: yes. you.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.