Last year, around my birthday, I spent a few days mulling over what kind of writing I was going to do in 2012. The final list looked like: Write and submit a lot of short stories (mostly spec-fic, sci-fi and fantasy, with a few erotic pieces thrown in); write and blog a poem a day; finish the urban fantasy novel I’d been working on; write and publish a few essays; and possibly edit a book of geeky erotica that I’d been thinking about called Geek Love.

The only one of those that came to pass was Geek Love (although the poem-a-day project came close).

Why? Was I a lazy writer? Did I have writer’s block? Did things fall through? Did life intervene and tear me away from writing?


What happened was that my writing life took a new turn (well, truly, a whole bunch of new turns) and I was willing to follow along with each bend in the path. The things that I expected to do got set aside so that I could do something else instead. Because of my choice to set aside some goals, I got to be part of some really wonderful and amazing new opportunities and projects.

This hasn’t always been the case for me. In the past, I’ve been so determined to stick to my writing goals that I’ve either overbooked myself or said no to new opportunities just so I could check something off my list. Leaving writing goals unaccomplished used to make me feel awful, unprofessional and unsuccessful.

Now I know that every day, and every writing project, is a choice. To keep one thing is to reject another. To say yes to a new opportunity means letting go of an existing goal. My goal is to constantly weigh those choices, and choose the one that is best for me. (Of course, this is for non-committed projects. If I have a contract/deadline/etc. for a project, then I consider myself to be locked into it until it’s completed).

Last year was a year where most of my writing commitments were to myself, and not to publishers. This year is very different for me. This year brings a lot of projects that I am locked into. Which means that I know what lies ahead. I’d like to think that I’ve left a little wiggle room, in case something amazing comes along, but I’m not sure that’s actually true.

Here is my list for 2013:

  • Geek Love: The print version of Geek Love will be completed this year, and needs to go out to all of the Kickstarter backers.
  • Leather Bound: This erotic novel full of books, bondage and desire will be out from the Harper Collins Mischief line later this year.
  • Numenera: As you may know, I’m the lead editor for Monte Cook’s upcoming RPG, Numenera. We’re producing half a dozen books for this tabletop game. In addition, it’s going to be developed into a computer game by InXile Entertainment. I’ll be writing, editing, helping with art orders, and anything else that’s necessary.
  • Sexy on the Page: This how-to book on erotic writing and publishing will be out later this year from Stone Box Press.
  • Serial Story for Pathfinder: This is one of the opportunities that came up last year and I’ll be working on this story in the spring.
  • Forbidden Flame: This erotic novella will be out later this year from Xcite Books.
  • As Kinky as You Wanna Be: This non-fiction book on having safe, sane and consensual kinky sex is due to the publisher (Cleis) this fall, and will be out in February 2014.
  • Fiction? My Urban Fantasy Novel? Something? I also like to imagine that I will get some creative downtime in which to write fiction that doesn’t already have a publisher and deadline attached, but that remains to be seen.

So that’s my year. I’ve got a lot to do and, considering that we’re nearly halfway through January already, not much time to do it. Sometimes the path is winding and full of choices. Sometimes it’s straight and narrow and without a speed limit.

2013 is an open road, windows down, music blaring, singing at the top of my lungs as I get from here to there. I hope, as always, that you’ll come along for this beautiful ride.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.