beneath sea and sky

Beneath Sea and Sky

Erotic Stories of Fantasy
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“While those of us who believe in erotica as a serious literary endeavor may never fully succeed in winning over the skeptics; we might go a long way to further our cause by gifting them all copies of Shanna Germain’s “Beneath Sea and Sky.” This collection of six short stories is a feast of sheer sensuous delight, as cleverly conceived and beautifully written as anything currently to be found in contemporary adult fiction.” ~TAS

“This is an excellent anthology of erotic fantasy. I had high expectations going in, having taken a couple of nibbles at Shanna Germain’s writing in the past. I’m pleased to say that my expectations were exceeded.

Throughout the six stories, Ms. Germain maintains an impelling pace, teamed with a verbal agility that is a delight to read. There’s a beautiful current to this book, a sensory flow of gentle humour amongst the sometimes brutal delights. For what is a fairy tale without brutality? I could imagine a sardonically-kinked eyebrow and a slightly skewed leer on the author’s face as she harnessed, and sometimes harrassed, her characters.” ~Willson Rowe