The Lure of Dangerous Women

The Lure of Dangerous Women

Stories of dark fantasy, sci-fi and horror.
Published by Wayzgoose Press, 2012
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“If David Lynch had directed Firefly, you might end up with something like this.” ~John Marvin

“On the surface of it, “The Lure of Dangerous Women” is a trifling thing: seventy-odd simple pages filled with black symbols and white pages that we see every day. On the surface of it, this is the kind of thing that I barrel through in less than an hour. On the surface of it, this is simply another collection of short genre fiction of which there is an embarrassing surfeit. But this book is alive, a breathing, writhing thing that grips you with every turn of the page, that entices you along like a pied piper. It is not a pleasant ride; it is terrifying and erotic, icy and scalding, messy and precise, all at once.

It took me three days to finish this book. I had to put it down every other story, surfacing to breathe. I had to walk away and let its characters talk to me some more, let the shadowy cling of their adventures become brittle so that I might brush it off and begin my next journey anew, without the weight of the their sexy, horrifying pull.” ~Noah Mclaughlin