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When it comes to writing and teaching, I believe two things above all others:

First, that everyone can learn to be a better writer. There are born writers, yes, but they are few and far between and even they can get better. The rest of us get better through practice and failure and support and inspiration and laughter and sweat and guidance. My job as a teacher is to facilitate all of these things so that you can improve your skillset and add more tools to your writing toolbox.

Second, that I learn as much from my students as they do from me. Each of them brings something wholly new to the class and turns the tables on me by offering inspiration and failure and laughter. They make my writing better, and I am grateful for it.

I hope to see you at one of my upcoming classes! You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll write. And then you’ll write better.



When I signed up for Shanna’s first Sexy on the Page e-course, I was alittle nervous to put myself and my writing out there form strangers to read and critique. Shanna immediately made me comfortable by focusing on the good with each students’ first assignment, helping us build up our confidence straight out of the gate.

I had long admired Shanna’s writing style, her generous teaching spirit, and her dedication to her craft. I would love to take an in-person class from her if I was local and could do so. Since I can’t, I would definitely take more e-courses from her to help me not only continue to build my writing confidence, but also to build up my writing skills and learn about the ever-changing writers’ market.” ~Katherine Tucker

“I signed up for Shanna’s first Sexy On The Page online class after I had been writing erotica for about a year. My stories were good, but I needed some guidance to take my work to the next level. Shanna’s created a supportive and engaging online classroom and gave detailed feedback that allowed me to hone my strengths and improve my weaknesses. Most of the pieces I wrote for her class have now been revised and published, and I credit her with helping me boost my writing career.” ~Dorla Moorehouse

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