hire me

(**Update: I am currently booked with projects through the middle of 2013, but will be returning to freelancing late next year. Thank you so much for considering me.).

What Can I Do For You?

If it has anything to do with words, I can do it. I have nearly 20 years of experience putting words on the page, telling stories and building brands. My goal is to help corporations and individuals show their best side, whether they’re putting together their website, writing their first book, or trying to better their writing skills.

Some Possibilities

  • Write, edit and proof your website, brochure, magazine article or book.
  • Help you build your brand via color, design, websites, social media and more.
  • Collaborate with you on your stories, novels, non-fiction books and other creative projects to help you say what you mean, and do it in a way that’s interesting, informative and salable.
  • Help you find markets for your creative work, suggest ways to work with editors and publishers, help you keep track of submissions and more.
  • I also teach, give one-on-one instruction and critique, and give lectures.

I charge $70/hour. I can do most small projects in a few hours. Larger projects (like websites and books) typically take longer, of course. I keep track of all hours worked and always keep my clients informed of where I’m at, time- and project-wise.

Do you also have a skill or a business? I am also always open to the possibility of doing trades. In the past, I’ve traded my skills for for photos and artwork, massages, travel opportunities, gift certificates and much more. Just ask!