Raves & Rants


Just how much does Shanna Germain rock?

Well, without being a sycophant (which she inspires) let me just say, it changed my life to meet a teacher of her ability and caliber. Since taking Shanna’s five week “Publishing and Marketing” class, I not only learned exactly what I am supposed to do to submit my work properly, and with a proper attitude, but I learned it within my specific genre. Shanna was able to teach to a room full of people all with very different styles, genres, needs and goals, and I never once felt as if the information did not pertain to me.   Shanna helped to dispel my own personal roadblocks to publishing, and gave the most up to the minute advice and tips of the trade.  Take it from her; she’s got her ear to the track of what is happening right now in the ever changing world of publishing, marketing, editing, and submission guidelines.  She knows what editors want to see because she is one!  Who better to get the straight scoop from?

Information is given in a very non biased and generous way; she wants your success and doesn’t judge your process. Aspiring authors  can really get down to it using her absolutely logical and what I am going to now have to call fool proof methods, because:   I’ve published two of the three things that I’ve sent out since taking Shanna’s class!  I used all her advice and methods and achieved the goals that had felt so elusive to me before.  I was absolutely thrilled to see two of my stories accepted for publication and I absolutely knew that would not have happened if I had not taken Shanna’s class.

She explains in depth the ins and outs of the e-publishing universe and all that it holds for authors, self published and beyond. I had been so intimidated by this until she broke it down for me in bite sized chunks that I could understand. She hands out a single sheet of paper on the first day which holds enough market exploration to last a lifetime! The subjects of writing winning submission letters, formatting, and organizational systems for writers are all covered concisely. Shanna is a publishing fiend with as many as 200 submissions out at any one time and you bet she has to be organized; she’ll tell you how to do the same! Brilliant.

Shanna has an amazing talent for giving the who, what, when, where and why of publishing and marketing in a way that absolutely worked for my life and mind.  She is a highly regarded and published author and yet at no time did I feel inferior as a beginner in the presence of greatness, rather, I felt like a peer. It was empowering and life changing to have finally published some of my work and I really do owe it all to Shanna’s class.

Shanna has a lot of sayings that I really take to heart, such as “submit it and forget it” in an effort to  keep your cycle of submissions, rejections, and acceptances rolling like a business rather than getting caught up in the emotional trauma it can feel like to do the work of submissions.  She also says that every piece is like a kitten looking for a home and you just have to find the right market for it.  She really opened my eyes as how to find those markets and how to assess what those markets are truly after, how to read their cues and sometimes cryptic guidelines.  I also really liked the “tier” approach, which made so much sense. Dream big, but start on a tier that is attainable so that you can have a win, or many wins, on your way to your true desire.

I cannot recommend Shanna’s class enough to anyone who could use an attitude adjustment about their craft, an information update, or a  logical yet warm system to adapt as their own when their own just wasn’t working!  A gifted author, editor and teacher gives you the real scoop on how to make a quantum leap.

~~Myla Stauber


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